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     Amish made kitchen wood cook stoves

Grandma' s antique kitchen wood cooking stove

Do you remember growing up and your mom used to cook the meals on a kitchen wood cooking stove? Or maybe your Grandparents still have that antique kitchen wood cooking stove in their home?  It was the kitchen wood stove heated most of the house as meals were cooked and throughout the day you could just let the fire simmer in your kitchen wood cook stove and keep the chill out of the house!
With the possible coming energy and/or food crises think of the advantage it would bring to your family to own one of these kitchen cook stoves in your own home along with the benefits of heating your own home and also heat your hot water, etc.
Are you thinking that you would have to go out and purchase an antique wood cook stove?  Did you know that brand new Kitchen wood cooking stoves are still being manufactured by Amish stove makers in Kentucky and Indiana?

Heating, cooking, baking and water heating with your kitchen wood cooking stove.

Today s Amish made kitchen cook stoves are being constructed with built in ovens where you can bake bread and pies, cookies and a number of other things including casseroles, etc. On the stove top of your kitchen wood cook stove you can make coffee and cook/fry a wide variety of foods and remember at the same time you would be heating your home with your non-electric kitchen wood cook stove and saving a lot on your monthly electric bill especially if you purchase your wood cook stove with a water reservoir in the back to heat your own hot water.

Purchase your own old fashioned kitchen wood cooking stove for your family!

Why not invest in a UL listed kitchen wood cooking stove for your own home and slowly phase into using it more and more and cut those expensive electric bills in half! Of course you would have to cut or provide your own firewood to run your new kitchen wood stove but compare a few loads of wood a year against your current high cost of electric and gas today and benefit you would get out of it!

..imagine smelling the bread baking in your new Kitchen wood cook stove and the coffee perking on top of the stove, your water is now being heated in the back of your wood cooking stove and the home is nice and cozy with the warmth of wood fire. What a way to spend winter evenings at home with the family, you can even purchase these wood cook stoves for your hunting cabin.

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